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The Exotic Birds Group



SKU: 201002

SALE FOR UNIT OF TWO 1 COST $ 40.00 YOU CAN BUILDING AND SET UP ONE IN TOP TO THE OTHER ONLY PERSONAL PICK UP THE STAND IS SALE SEPARATE COST $35.00. This set of four stackable electro- plated galvanized- during- weld breeding cages comes with two dividers for each cage; a solid divider and a wire divider, so you can use either at any given time, depending on your needs. The set includes a 12-inch tall black stand with heavy-duty casters. Each cage is 30" by 10.5" by 15" tall with 1/2" bar spacing, and comes with 4 hardwood perches, 4 plastic cups, nest box doors on each end, a steel pull-out tray, and a pull out wire grill, as well as the dividers. Altogether the stand and four cages total 72" tall.

Price: $45.00

Exoric Birds Group

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